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eDOT (electronic Discipleship Outreach Training – a ministry of Greater Europe Mission)
eDOT is a diverse team who wants to see people become fruitful Christ followers who reproduce themselves. We are web designers, seminary professors, programmers, engineers, editors, project managers, curriculum developers, and system administrators. We develop technology solutions that will enable the seeds of the Gospel to be planted, nurtured, and harvested in every people group living in Europe and North Africa. As we develop technologies to connect people around the world, we can help Europeans come together to be part of a missionary
force, actively engaging in the expansion of Christ’s Kingdom worldwide.

eDOT has two areas of focus:

Innovative Technology: Have you ever seen something really cool and thought, “I wonder if anybody is using this for building God’s Kingdom?” That’s what we’re looking at in eDOT. What if we could …?

  • Make an internet café mobile to teach job skills wherever there is electricity?
  • Create secured email systems and encrypted USB sticks/hard drives so people can spread God’s love in creative access countries?
  • Use social networks, blogs, and web applications to encourage discipling among the younger generations?
  • Use cell phones to provide ministries with better communication tools for those who can’t be reached in any other way?

We listen to the needs of our partners and experiment with a mixture of technologies to come up with the best solutions for ministries throughout Greater Europe.

Online Learning: Some 20 years ago if you wanted to study a particular subject, you bought a book, attended a class, or spent time with people who knew about the subject. Today, many people go straight to the Internet. In recent years, online learning has allowed schools and teachers to offer training by sharing information through the Internet.

One problem in many parts of Europe is the lack of sound biblical teaching. People can’t leave their families, businesses, and ministries to study at a traditional Bible school … it’s too expensive and impractical. Online learning is the perfect solution for providing Bible training where students can interactively study God’s Word together and receive coaching and mentoring from their online teachers. We make the learning process applicable to local ministry situations by providing courses that require practical assignments and online discussion with others also involved in ministry.

To learn more about eDOT, click here.

Greater Europe Mission
Greater Europe Mission helps people in Europe find faith in Jesus Christ and grow in that faith. We do this by sharing our lives with people and helping them discover the message of the Bible for themselves through Bible study groups, church meetings, street theater, puppetry, sports, music, teaching and more. We reach out to orphans and AIDS patients. We send teams to help construct and repair buildings. We help people study the Bible through Distance Learning in many countries. We seek to come alongside the people and churches in Europe who are following Christ and participate in their efforts to reach the continent for Christ.

Most people in Europe have a vague acquaintance with Christianity, but no personal faith in Jesus Christ. How exciting it is to tell them how Jesus can be their friend, today and forever.

To find out more about Greater Europe Mission, click here .

World Outreach
World Outreach is the missions mobilizing and sending arm of the family of churches known as the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. They seek to mobilize our family of churches, in partnership with the global church, to firmly plant and establish Christ’s Church among all the peoples of the world.  We are also missionaries with World Outreach.

To find out more about World Outreach, click here .

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