I Speak GeekWhen you live overseas and travel a lot, the common question is “So how many languages do you know?” My answer is normally “Zero” because as I travel I realize how little I really know my mother tongue, English.

But my other answer is sometimes “Six – English, German, PHP, JavaScript, Basic, C++, and LotusScript (but it’s been a while for the last three). Throw in a little French, Spanish, Portugesse, Russian, HTML5/CSS, Java and pieces of a few others.”

Additionally, I get asked the question, “So what language do you program in? English or German?”  Well, code is code.  It’s its own language but usually does draw from English.  Normally I do document my code in English as that is the unofficial international business language of programmers however if I know the only other programmers that will look at it are German, then I try to document in German.

But in the end, the reality is that I speak “Geek”!

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