End of a decade

In a few days, I’ll be traveling to the embassy to pick up my new passport.  My old “friend” will have a hole punched in it  and decommissioned from use.  As you can see, it’s been in my pocket a lot.  When I travelled with one group through Polish prisons, we had to turn in our passports with the guards.  At the end of our times, everyone immediately knew which battered, old passport was mine without even opening it up.

This passport has been on 5 continents and over 20 countries (most countries multiple times) endlessly living in my pocket.  It’s first use was to go to Brazil on a short-term youth mission trip which is where God began the final stage of preparations to move Krista & I into full time missions.  It traveled with me through the explorations for where to serve and then through our first term of being based in Germany to use technology to build His Kingdom throughout Europe and beyond. It had to have the “extended pages” sewn into it mid-way through to handle the stamps and visas.

To me it’s a reminder of so many people I’ve gotten to meet. From the family I stayed with in Brazil to Anna, our translator in Ukraine, to Joe at the Anchorage Project in Ireland, to Igor in Moldova to Paul & Ruth in the Netherlands to the young guy at the crepe store in Serbia to the many friends in our town here in Germany and so many more.

Next week I’ll begin crossing borders with a new (RFID chipped) passport with all it’s new anti-forging techniques and security measures.  I wonder where God will take us.  I wonder who are the people I’ll associate with this new passport after the next ten years.

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