A more civilized form of defacement

This morning, I looked out our window towards our car only to see that something wasn’t right.  We’d been flying our German auto-flag from the side window to support our guys in the Europe football/soccer tournament (they’re doing good – to the finals guys!!!) but now the flag was missing.  All that was there was the plastic pole that attaches to the window – and it was bent.  Then I noticed a note had been placed on our windshield.  Oh no, had we been flying it wrong?  Was it too frayed to be flown?  It had rained, should we have removed it during rain?  What had we done wrong?

As I pulled the note off the windshield, I noticed it was a kind of form letter.  For those who don’t read German, here’s a rudimentary translation:

Dear driver,

Sorry that we have bent your German flag but we simply can’t take this $%!@ any more!

With anti-national greetings,
Your “Anti-fascist Action”

Interesting that this group, which originally formed to stand up against Hitler and the Nazis, is feeling the need during these times to go around ripping off German flags from cars – even in our small little town.  Well, I’m out 1 Euro (yes, I think Germany’s flags are made in China too) but this gave me a good chuckle.

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