Have you ever been some place and just felt at home. It’s not the place but usually it’s the people that make you fell that way and it’s usually with people who share similar passions. That’s way I feel every time I get to go to ICCM Europe. This is a place where computer geeks from all over the world come together. While we all like talking about the latest gadgets, discussing whether Apple or Google is going to produce the next “it” thing that people are going to “just have to have” or challenging each other to program using a new programming language, however the true passion of everyone there is for everyone in the world to have an intimate relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

We just finished our fourth annual conference for ICCM Europe (International Conference on Computing & Mission) in the Netherlands. 62 technology enthusiasts came from many different mission agencies (and some are those who just want to be a part of it but are in the professional world volunteering their time & knowledge to further missions). Many walked away with new skills and new ideas but most importantly, they built relationships with others that have the same passions. Wow, what a rush to know you are not alone. Until next year!

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