Happy 5th Anniversary

5 Years ago today, we arrived in Germany to begin a new phase in our journey on God’s path.  As you can see, we were bleary eyed from the all night flight but adrenaline was flowing through our veins in anticipation of what was ahead.  We really didn’t know what was going to happen or what God was going to do – we just knew we where God wanted us to be.  Some of the more prominent memories I have of the past 5 years are:

  • Meeting & hanging out with  Yoyot from Indonesia and so many other fascinating people from all over the world in our language school
  • Krista & I doing “rock, paper, scissors” to take care of a bill which we didn’t understand what it was about (of course, it all had to be done in German)
  • First day after language school – working in the office with the eDOT team and the excitement I felt in using my computer skills for developing frontline mission solutions to expand God’s Kingdom
  • Alex’s first day of 1st Grade at Black Forest Academy where he was interviewed by the principal and had the whole school laughing hysterically and him innocently not knowing why
  • Traveling to so many places, not to see the sights, but getting to meet the people where they are, where they live.  Hearing their hearts, getting to speak words of encouragements and bringing them ideas & technology solutions that bring them closer to their Creator
  • Sleeping in a church’s closet with Bob (construction supervisor) on a work project only to realize later he was always up so early because of my snoring – not his desire to get the day going
  • Getting rushed into a Ukrainian church 3 minutes before the service was starting and being asked if I wanted the 1st, 2nd or 3rd sermon slot (it was assumed I would give at least one of them)
  • Having the first time I worked with Windows Vista be in Russian as we configured a Mobile Outreach Center in Ukraine
  • Getting to work on an Internet Cafe in Moldova in a town where there was only one paved (barely) street, horse drawn wagons, and out-houses and then hearing about the life-changing effects that Internet Cafe had on people’s lives
  • The countless number of plates set before me where I couldn’t identify what was on it but ate it all (and usually wanted seconds)
  • Surprising my son when my sister showed up “unexpectedly” for his birthday
  • Getting to work with men & women who pour their lives into other people in grace filled ways so that they can know what life in Christ is like
  • Hearing 1st hand stories of imprisonment & persecution because of their faith and realizing that we can help minimize that through technology security techniques
  • Seeing the joy in my wife’s eyes as she came home after a couple weeks of teaching a women’s Bible Study and knowing that she had found her place
  • Continuously getting to seek out how God wants technology to be used to expand His Kingdom in ever innovative ways

Those are just some of my highlights for the last 5 years.  There’s so many more things I could share but I think I would go on forever.  Thank you to everyone who partners with us in both prayer and finances to allow us to be in this place.  We are truly blessed.

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