Things I love about Germany

Krista has started putting observations about Germany that she has been having as we’ve returned to our small village after being in America for a year on Facebook.  Here’s the beginning of her list:

#1 – The stoplight turns yellow right before it turns green, so you can rev your engine 🙂

#2 – mustard comes in toothpaste tubes!

#3 – Temperature right now 53 degrees. High tomorrow 67, high Sunday 66, high Monday 69, high Tuesday 69… ok so it’s a bit rainy right now, but I’d take rain over 108 any day

#4 – Bells, Bells, Bells… Every hour, 4 chimes and then the hour rings out, every quarter hour- one chime, every half hour- two chimes, every three quarters of an hour – 3 chimes. Believe me you hear every chime on jet lag. I like it! It makes my heart happy 🙂

#5 – No need for an alarm clock. Every morning at 7 the bells ring continuously for about 5 minutes …. wake up time. At 11 am the bells ring for 5 minutes to call the men out of the fields and tell the women to put the bread in the oven. At 4 pm the bells ring for 5 minutes to call the men out of the fields… work day is coming to an end.

#6 – Military time… this one takes a little getting used to.

#7 – We live in the little town of Kandern… whose claim to fame is that it was the birthplace of John Sutter, who started the California Gold Rush in 1848. This is his birthplace.

#8 – At church on Sunday they read off the names of everyone who had a birthday that past week. Kinda like facebook 🙂

#9 – Gooda Gouda…. Cheddar is hard to find here, but Gouda is cheap and tastes great. So we basically use it in place of Cheddar for everything… There is Jung (young) and mittlealt (middle-aged) versions. The young is very creamy, the middle-aged is more like sharp cheddar.

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