Alex catching the big one

Memory makers.  Those are things that we as parents (and grandparents) try to make for our kids every now and then.  Right now as we prepare to return home to Germany, my parents are working hard to make memories with Alex since they don’t get to see him that often.  So the other day they came over to the house and picked up Alex.  They went out to see the movie “Cars 2” and had a great dinner.  They had him spend the night (and kept him up late) and then the next morning, Grandpa and Alex met with “the Bob” (long story about the “the”) and went out fishing.  That’s where Alex took 2.5 minutes to reel in a 22″ large mouth bass where it broke up out of the water and into the air twice.  Not sure of the weight but probably about 6 lbs.  (a picture of Alex, the fish and “the Bob” above).  This is a memory maker for Alex.  Something he’s not going to forget any time soon.  We got a phone call a few hours past the time he was suppose to be home with “Can I stay longer?”

We’ve been very blessed this last year to be able to stay at my parent’s house and spend some great times with them.  Now we are beginning the process of saying good-bye, again.  In our training before going out to the field the first time, they told use we had to be able to say “Good-bye” well to be able to say “Hello” well.  Now as we begin our second term, we are going through the process again only this time we know more about why they said this.  Pray for us during these “hellos” and “good-byes”.  Thank you.

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  1. Way to go, Alex! Congratulations! May this be the first of hundreds of fish you reel in!

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