Continuing Prayers through Lent

No, I haven’t forgotten about Praying for European countries during this time of Lent.  Actually, two things happened:

  1. I was actually not on my computer for several days and so I didn’t send out my prayers (but I did get my reminders on my mobile phone and did pray but just didn’t publish them until now)
  2. Because of me doing the prayers through a Twitter interface, they were showing up on this website kind of funny.  Therefore, I’ve put the prayers on their own separate page – PrayEurope 40-40-40 .  Go there to see this all of the prayers for the countries so far and in the future.

This is also for those that receive posts to this website via their email.  Many were confused by the formatting of the prayers and it was also sending them an email a day.  If you want a reminder of what country to pray for every day during Lent – sign up here

Please keep praying though – Europe is in need of spiritual revival.

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