My Favorite Android Apps

I was able to pick up a Nexus One last year and it’s been great – I’ve even started making my own apps (none are ready for publication – yet).  However as more and more people are picking up Android phones – everyone keeps asking what apps they should get.  So I thought I would share some of the different apps that I have loaded on my phone –  oh, and I’ve only paid for a couple of these (and I’ll mark those) so consider everything here free unless otherwise marked (use a barcode scanner to scan the QR codes to download the software to your phone):

General Use:

  • ChompSMS  – just wanted something more than the regular SMS system and this does it
  • Google Voice – gives me a number  that rings my mobile and my house phone, voicemail that transcribes the messages and sends them to me in email & text, and also allows for free texting within the US
  • Locale (Costs money)  – Allows you to have settings based on location – so you can set it up to silence your phone when at the church or in my case, turn off my Google Voice line from ringing the house phone when I’m not there (requires an additional plugin that costs a few bucks more)
  • Remember the Milk (requires a paid RTM Pro account)  – great todo list organizer or create lists that for just about anything on it.  I’m able to manage my lists online or from my laptop as well.
  • Evernote  – Great way to note taking app that synchronizes our notes with your PC (Mac or Windows).  Notes can be written, they can be audio recordings, URL clippings, etc.  You can also tag them for easy classification and retrieval.
  • Apps Organizer – helps in creating groups for your different apps so you can easily find them without doing a ton of scrolling through all your app icons
  • Memento – helps you store any kind of information you want on your droid from video libraries to medical information.  You can design your own template for how you enter information. Very versatile.
  • My Docs – Allows you to easily access your Google Docs online
  • Dropbox – easy way to send files from your computer to your droid & back again.  Free account allows up to 2 GB of storage space.
  • Amazon Appstore – Its an alternative to the Google Marketplace.  They give away a daily “paid” app so there’s free stuff there however the downside is that you have to open up a security block in Android to run it so be careful after loading this.
  • Lookout – This is security for your phone – it easily scans for viruses when installing new apps, does weekly scanning and backups & has a way to try and locate your phone if it is lost.
  • C25K Lite – Couch to 5k is a great help in preparing to run a 5k (which I’ve done a few times now).  Helps you build up running endurance through running in intervals
  • My Coffee Card – Easily manage your Starbucks card as well as use your phone to pay for your drink – no card is actually needed once you have it all set up.

Social Media:

  • Facebook for Android – obvious what it does
  • Hootsuite – great for managing multiple twitter accounts, facebook profiles & pages.  Also has a desktop application so I can easily manage these things on the road or at my desk
  • Yammer – Yammer is like a corporate twitter.  You yammer feeds aren’t open to the public but only to those within your group.  Very nice for large collaboration groups.
  • WordPress – helps me manage this blog and others.  I can write posts, moderate comments, etc.
  • LinkedIn (still in Beta release so no link) – I’m beta testing the upcoming LinkedIn app and it is better than the 3rd party apps out there for LinkedIn.
  • Diet & Food – allows you to interact with your account on (I’ve heard it called “Facebook for Fat People”)

Reading & Information:

  • Pulse – this is a great way to ready various news sources & blogs.  It will even connect to your Google Reader account & you can bring in blogs from there.
  • IMDB – great way to read up on movies and the Parental Guide on movies is very helpful for every age

Tools & Multimedia:

  • Car Mode – Automatically sets to speakerphone when enabled so that all incoming and outgoing calls can be hands free.  STOP DRIVING WITH YOUR PHONE IN YOUR HAND.
  • Car Home – sets up an easier to use home page for your droid while driving.  You can easily add easy to hit auto dials and it keeps your droid from sleeping so know trying to turn it on, swipe it, and then enter your unlock code while driving
  • OI Safe – Great password keeper and password generator.  Encrypts all your passwords under one master password.  You can export everything to a file to read on your computer (although not encrypted so be careful with it)
  • Meridian (couldn’t find it in the Market now though) – great way to watch and organize videos and other media
  • Flickroid – Adds a Flickr share to link in different places which you click on “Share” like in the photo gallery and allows easy upload of photos to your Flickr account
  • aCCleaner Free – Easy way to clean out cache files in all your apps to open up more space
  • App 2 SD Free – Helps you easily move Apps to your SD card if you have Android 2.2 or higher to free up more space
  • GAnalyticz – great way to be able to review your Google Analytics information about your websites while on the go
  • OI File Manager – manage files through this great interface
  • StopWatch & Timer – simple yet effective
  • Wifi Analyzer – shows you all the wifi signals you are picking up and what channels they are on so you can configure your wifi router to the setting with the least interference
  • Speed Test – run this to test your Internet connections speeds
  • Advanced Task Killer – Some apps just keep running taking up memory.  Use this to automatically stop them when they’re not in use
  • Bubble – use your droid to hang that picture level or verify the table is level before placing the really fully hot water pot on it.
  • ConnectBot – for us geeks that want to use SSH from anywhere.  Here’s the client for you.  If you don’t know what SSH is, don’t worry about this one.
  • Currency – Keep up with currency rates easily with this app
  • Soundhound – Hear a song but don’t know its name – let SoundHound listen to it and it will tell you the name & artist.  Similar to Shazam app but I got it free on one of the Amazon App freebies.
  • TuneIn Radio – Listen to radio stations from around the world and in all sorts of genres and languages.  Awesome.
  • YouTube – Definitely the better way to watch videos than in the browser
  • ShopSavvy – Barcode scanner that allows you to scan bar codes & QR codes (2-d bar codes).  If its a product, it will tell you where you can buy it and for how much online & locally.  It also allows you to save them in lists.  This helps me from impulse buying as I can see its cheaper online, file it away and then I forget that I wanted it.  😉
  • Movela Netflix – Helps you manage your Netflix queues
  • Movies – check movie times, watch previews, see what’s coming soon.
  • Runkeeper – This will use the GPS to plot your running giving you great stats.  Not just for stats but is good for hiking, walking, cycling, etc.  Plots it all out on a google map for you and can save them up on their website in an account for you.
  • Workout Tracker – easy to use workout manager that can even export your stats for reference or scrutiny


  • Angry Birds – just addictive
  • Coin Flip – for when I just can’t make a decision
  • Cribbage Pro – I like it!
  • Daily Dilbert – I so relate to these!!
  • Shortyz – free crossword puzzles
  • Spades Free – played a lot of spades in college.
  • Sudoku Daily – challenge with numbers
  • Texas Hold’em – gotta stay sharp.
  • Traffic Jam – get the car out of the crowded parking lot
  • TriviaBurst – trivia at its best
  • Wordup – find as many words as you can in the timeframe
  • X Construct – build bridges that the train can cross – don’t let the screaming people discourage you though when you fail


  • TripIt – Use the site to manage your travel arrangements and use this apps to connect to all the info while on the road
  • TripCase – What is in the paid version of TripIt is in the free version of TripCase and vice versa.  Use the free version of both to get all the paid stuff free.
  • FlightStats Lite – easily check flight statuses by flight numbers with this app.  Saves them for when you are checking over and over due to delays or anxious to see a loved one.

Know of any others?  Please share them in the comments area.



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  1. OverDrive Media Console – check out e-books from local libraries
    QuickOffice – read Office documents
    Seesmic – My twitter client at the moment

  2. Thanks Chris. I’ll be sure to check out the OverDrive Media Console.

    I forgot about listing QuickOffice (it also means you don’t have to have Adobe’s PDF reader loaded to save space). I’ve used Seesmic as well but for handling multiple accounts, Hootsuite does it for me.

    As far as Pandora, I switched to TuneIn Radio as 1) Pandora stops playing which is bad when working out & 2) Pandora was rated as one of the more prolific shares of personal information with 3rd parties out there.

    Thanks again.

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