40 Nations, 40 Days, >40 Seconds a Day – Year 2

For the second year in a row, I’m going to participate in Lent by praying every day for one nation of Europe.  The idea is that we’ll pray for 40 nations in 40 days for at least 40 seconds a day. Now last year I blogged every day my prayers.  That took a lot of time and currently, I don’t have that time.  Instead, I’m going to twitter my prayers under my alias eDOTGeek.  However those “tweets” will automatically post here on my blog and go out in the emails from here.  This style will also keep it going short as I’ll only have 140 characters for my prayer.  I hope this works as I’ve never done this before.

Now here’s where all of you come in – would you join me in praying for Europe? Commit with me to take 40 seconds a day to pray for one nation leading up to Easter.

Want to participate?  Go to www.prayeurope.com and

Let us know if you’ll join us by commenting below.


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