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Social Media:
We’ve all heard it said that information is power.  We’ve just recently seen that played out in the multiple uprisings in North Africa.  We’ve seen where the power of information, communicated via social networking websites and mobile phone technologies, empowered the people so much so that the governments felt the need to turn off the conduits of information – the Internet and mobile phones networks – to put a stop to it.  We can see first hand how the Internet and technology has the ability to move the power from the traditional heads now to the common people.

This isn’t a new concept – the Printing Press.  Before the printing press, information was kept to the elite few who knew how to read and had access to the parchments/scrolls.  When the printing press came about, information contained only in one or two places was replicated and sent out to a multitude of locations.  The printing press enabled more and more people to learn how to read and write so not only were more and more people gaining access to information but they could actually use it.

Now today we’re seeing the Internet as the new version of the printing press.  The “common” people are now able to communicate with people outside their normal spheres and learn about new ideas and concepts.  They are then able to use the various technologies within the Internet to be able to examine and think through these concepts with those in their everyday lives and determine for themselves how they want to act on them.  Movements that are changing their whole paradigms are happening as the power  (information) is now shifting to the people.  Think what could happen if the Gospel were introduced to them in this way?  What movements could happen then?

Here in Greater Europe Mission, we’ve been preparing and we continue to prepare (at a faster rate now) for the influx of refugees that will be coming from North Africa into Europe.  Some estimates say that 3/4 of a million people will arrive in Europe from Libya alone.  Millions more from other area of North Africa and the Middle East as they seek places of peace and stability for their families.

This is a huge opportunity for relationships to be built and for the Gospel to be LIVED out (notice not preached or told but LIVED).  These immigrants and refugees will need help both physically and socially as they move into the European cultures.  In the above video of GEM’s president, Henry Deneen, he talks about the preparations we’ve been making and continue to do to be ready to meet the needs that are now coming upon us.  To read more and maybe even see how you can be a part of this – check out the North Africa Crisis Response.

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