Year End Snapshot

I know a lot of people are reviewing this past year and making plans for the coming year.  I know I have done some of that as well however I want to take a moment and just do a snapshot of my life right now:

  • I actually have some cash in my pocket (not everyone can say that!)
  • I’m still joyful for the time I’ve been able to spend with my family over Christmas (not everyone can say that!)
  • Even though I’m on holiday, I’m writing code today and its working (not everyone can say that!)
  • I love my job!!! (not everyone can say that!)
  • I’m excited that I get to spend the night partying with some friends who have stuck with us through a lot of stuff – good and bad (not everyone can say that!)
  • I’ve just received two emails about some “successes” in the planning stages of a couple projects that will affect at least a hundred, if not more, co-workers in spreading the Gospel (not everyone can say that!)
  • I know that I am deeply loved not just by family and friends, but by God (not everyone can say that!)

It’s said that as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, what you have on your heart at that time will go with you through the next year.  Eleven years ago, I went into the new millennium with a few week old baby (she was some friends’ newborn and we had just recently gone through a miscarriage) lying on my chest, the next year our son Alex was born. The above list contains the things I will have on my heart tonight.  What will be on yours?

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