Shopping for Christmas

Ok, my Dad is the hardest person to buy for for Christmas and his birthday.  Why?  If he sees something he likes, he buys it.  Right then, right there.  (serious impulse buyer at times).  When he came to visit us in Europe, we were in town and we got to the end of the street and I asked my Mom where Dad was and she said, “Shopping”.  He literally went from store to store hitting almost every store on the main street.

Anyway, Krista and I are about practical gift giving and so we like to know what people want/need and give towards that (and vice versa).  But some people have a very open idea of what they want (huge lists that take that old printer paper that’s continuous to fit it all) so it may be easier to say WHAT YOU DON’T WANT!

Try this out – in the comments area, say what you DON’T want in the following areas:

  1. CD (or artist or music genre):
  2. Book (or author):
  3. Restaurant Giftcard:
  4. Retail Store Giftcard:
  5. Tool/Gadget:
  6. Type of Clothing:
  7. “For the house” type gift:

Now name one thing (keep it under $50 or 50 Euros) that you wish someone would get for you. Who knows, maybe that one person out there is reading this too.

Please comment only to play along.  No rant or raves about commercialism and all that as you can do that on your own site – I’ll probably blog something about that later this month anyways.  Thanks.

PS – This is not my original idea.  I’m stealing it from this blog.

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