As I entered jail

I know the title of this post probably had some of you really wondering (especially my parents) however a little bit ago I went to visit a friend who was in jail.  As I entered, this car was in the parking lot (see picture which has a car with “Just Married” across the back).  My first thought was “Wow, that must have been some wedding if they ended up here!!!” and my second thought was “I would love to know the full story behind why this car is here!!”

I love to hear stories.  I think we all love to hear stories.  That’s why TV and movies are so popular.  The winner of a big song contest in Europe (EuroVision) a couple of years ago said that they reason he won was because he told a story.  We all have stories to tell and we all have stories to listen to.  Some stories are simple like those told by a child.  Some stories are complex like those told by a politician.  Some stories are true like those told by Mother Theresa.  Some stories are made-up – again like a politician.  Some are based on truth but parts are embellished to enhance it like the folktales of our ancestors (who really was “Little Red Riding Hood” seriously?)  While others are pieces of fiction but are so lifelike, you wonder if the story really isn’t true.  Sometimes a story is inside another story (kinda like the “dream within another dream” in the movie Inception).

Tell me – what’s your story? (Leave a comment below or email me)  Now, when have you asked somebody else what their story is?

Sidenote:  Ok – a little jail humor:  A young guy gets locked up in prison sentenced for life.  After the lights are turned off, guys in the cell block start yelling out numbers.  “23!!!” and then everyone starts laughing.  “102!!!!” and more laughing.  The next morning, the young guy goes up to one of the old timers and asks, “Why were people shouting numbers and then everyone started laughing?”  The old timer responded, “Well, we’ve been locked up here so long that we found ourselves telling the same jokes over and over again so instead of telling them, we just gave each one a number and now we just yell out the number and we all know the joke.”  So that night as the lights are turned out, the young guy starts hearing the numbers chimed out.  “88!!!” and people respond with a snicker.  “45!!!” and roars of laughter filled the cell block.  Finally, the young fellow decided to blurt out “34!!!” but no one laughed.  The next morning, the newbie asked the old timer, “What is joke ’34’?  Why didn’t anybody laugh?”.  To which the old timer answered, “It wasn’t the joke, its just that some people can tell a joke and others can’t.”

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