Life as a Lego block

Who do you connect with?Legos.  As a kid I got a new Lego set almost every Christmas (usually one of the little $5 sets) and would spend hours putting it together one way and then taking it apart and putting it together to make something else.  It’s amazing how many different things you can make with the same pieces – a spaceship, an off-road vehicle, your lower intestine, etc.  The key to Legos ability to be so many different things is simple – they have these in little connectors that allow one block to connect to other blocks.  Some blocks have 12 connectors and some have only one but very few (only parts that are made for a very specific purpose) have none.  These connectors are the key to the success of Legos.

Recently a friend introduced me to the “Lego Theory”.  This is that we are all like Lego blocks with our connectors.  Some of us are people who can connect to many people (so they are a block that has 20 – 30 connectors) and there are those that can connect to only a few (say they have only 4 or 6 connectors) but each of us has connectors.  The amount of connectors we have isn’t the important point but what we do with those connectors is.  As we build relationships, we fasten to one another using up our connectors.  Some relationships are stronger and require more of our connections points while others may only intersect at one point.  Since each of us has a limited amount of connection points, we have to be strategic about those connections that we make.  Some will be assumed connections such as with our family and co-workers but some are choices.  Who do you choose to connect with?

I think we as Christians sometimes make bad choices in whom we choose to connect with.  Instinctively, some of you read that and went straight to the opposite of what I’m trying to say.  Many of you immediately thought that I was saying that if you made connections with non-Christians it was bad but THAT IS NOT WHAT I’M SAYING.  I actually believe we more often have too many Christian connections and too few non-Christian connections.  As Christians many of us go to our church buildings every time the door is open, we hang out with our church friends, we go to businesses that are Christian owned, we listen to “Christian” music and go to Christian concerts, and we even have our own Christian fast-food (I like Chick-fil-a, just sayin’).  These are all fine things and we as Christians do need to have fellowship with other Christians but not if it takes up all of our connections.  We need to have connections with non-Christians otherwise no one will ever see the Gospel truly lived out (note: not spoken but lived!!).  So I ask again:  Who do you choose to connect with?

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