I don’t know how to order at Starbucks

StarbucksSoon after we arrived in the US, I watched my sister (I’ve learn a lot of things from her) order the drinks at Starbucks for our family.  It looked pretty simple – she rattled off things like a “something Frappacinio – soy – no whip” and then “single shot something decaf – no fat” and it seemed so easy.  So the other day I went to Starbucks and while I don’t drink coffee (hey, they have free wifi and good cell phone reception there), I figured I’d get this double chocolate chip thingy that doesn’t have coffee.  I’m not sure what I said but it was obviously wrong as they asked me questions and then I ended up with a drink filled with coffee and very little chocolate. This was just like moving to Germany all over again except I’m suppose to already know this language!!! (Just so you know, Starbucks redid my drink properly and even gave me a coupon for a free drink later which I really appreciated – all with a smile on their faces!)

Adjusting to life in the US is causing some of the same feelings and stresses that we felt when we first moved to Germany – just with a lot more sweat (it’s hot here in North Carolina).  We’re having the adventures of remembering how to drive here (Can we turn right on red? What’s this horn thing for? Will the person coming to the intersection on the right have the “right of way” – nope, they have stop sign.  Wait, what’s a stop sign?), remembering how to find things in the grocery store (how many different cereals can you choose from – all made of sugar?) and, in general, remembering just how things are done here.  We’ve been told that for every year you live overseas, it takes 2 months to readjust to being back in your home culture – so that means we’ll be good to go a few months before we return to Germany!!

As a side note – if you live in the US, we’d love to see ya.  Let us know how we can intersect and catch up with ya.

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  1. Hey Courtney!! I would love to see you if you guys are still in Charlotte, things are crazy right now, my husband and I just bought a house! 😀

    Hope you’re doing well!


  2. Hey guys, we’re in Youngsville – about 3 hours from Charlotte. I’d love to see you – maybe even meet in Greensboro or Winston-Salem fir dinner if nothing else. I’ll message you on Facebook!

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