Eurovision Invaded

As I’ve mentioned before, I love to watch the yearly Eurovision Song Contest since moving to Europe.  It’s not that there’s great quality music or something really moving about it – it’s just a lot of fun to see different takes of music all come into one place.  Last night was the finale and it was invaded.  In the 2nd out of 25 songs, a man jumped on stage and “tried” to be a part of the performance.  It was rather a lot of fun to watch and unlike sporting events, security didn’t just run onto the stage and taser him but did get him to leave the stage where he was quickly escorted out.  (here is a YouTube clip of it all and the invasion happens at about 1:08):

Now here’s the interesting thing that bring this back to what it is I do – do you know how fast this information got out to those that weren’t watching?  Within seconds, Tweets were going out and a few moments later we were able to watch it again on .  This morning I awoke to find out what happened to the invader (he was arrested) and what his real name was and that he does this all the time in mainly sporting events (bet he knows how to out run a taser now and avoiding a tackle).  Even his Wikipedia page was already updated with last night’s antics.

[Update:  Switched to another copy of the video as the other one died – plus here’s a link to the whole show available until June 19th]

So I guess my question is that if something as benign as jumping on stage can make its way around the globe so quickly – why do more important messages about things like hope and love seem to take so much more effort? (or only seem to come to me in emails with some fluffy Powerpoint attached?)

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