What For? (Only Mr. God Knows)

Since moving to Europe, I’ve become a fan of a yearly event called EuroVision where each country in Europe sends a singer/band to represent them and then there’s a live vote.  Kinda like American Idol or Pop Idol or Deutschland Sucht Ein Superstar or whatever Idol  is playing in your country however this has been going on for decades.  Remember the group ABBA : this was their break way back when.  Anyway, I’m hooked on this event every year and I’ll stay up until 2 AM to watch it all as there’s pre-show shows and post-show shows and everything.  Its kinda become my SuperBowl.  So being a little sick today I’ve decided to do something brain dead and started to watch the videos of all the entries to start selecting who I’m going to root for in the actual contest.  That’s when I came across Latvia’s entry – What For? (Only Mr. God Knows).  Here’s an excerpt of the lyrics (click here for all the lyrics):

What for are we living?
What for are we crying?
What for are we dying?
Only Mr God knows why
What for are we living?
What for are we dreaming?
What for are we losing?
Only Mr God knows why
But his phone today is out of range

People in Europe are wondering what their purpose is and believe that God is not around any more to answer the questions.  This is why we are here.

[Not seeing the video above – go here to view it on Youtube.com]

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