PrayEurope – 40-40-40 — Ukraine — United Kingdom

UkraineUkraine was the bread basket of the Soviet Union however it was never prosperous under communism.  Much of the resources of Ukraine were drawn from the area without much investment put back into the country.

Dear Father,

Please be with the people of Ukraine who are a hard working and gifted group of people.  Please provide the opportunities for them to shine and to realize the potential that is within the country without having to leave their homeland to find work.  Please be with those that are seeking You that they would come to find You and get to know You.  Be with those that have faith in You and show them ways to break out of their isolationist ways and share the life transformation that You have given them with others.  Amen.

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United KingdomIn the United Kingdom, church attendance is on the decline and Muslim minorities are asking for Sharia Law to be implemented in some areas of society.   Old churches are being converted into Mosques in the heart of London.

Dear God,

We pray for the people of the United Kingdom that they would see You for who You really are and come to a life changing knowledge of what it means to have faith in You.  Please protect the missionaries in the UK and the missionaries from the UK that are in other parts of the world that they may be effective in helping more and more people come to know You intimately.  Be with those that are immigrating to this country that they would open themselves up to understand the truth that is behind some of the traditions of this country and that in that exploration, they would meet You.  Amen.

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