PrayEurope 40-40-40 — Comes to a close

PrayEuropeWow, the last 40 something days of praying through the countries of Europe was eye opening for me and I hope for those of you that joined me on this journey.  Not only did I learn more about some of the countries that I’m in and around but I learned more about prayer and what God can do through it.  I got a follow up email from those that worked so hard on the website and I’d like to share that with those of you who didn’t sign up for the daily prayer reminder:

PrayEurope 40-40-40 has come to a close and what a blessing it has been! Many of you have told us how much you enjoyed being a part of this initiative. You loved praying and you loved learning more about the countries for which you were praying. We have had more than 28,000 prayers registered on the site since February 17, for a total of 43,000 since we launched the site in August 2008 (and those are just the people who clicked “I prayed”).

Many joined us in prayer by way of email notification without visiting the actual site. Some prayed using Facebook and Twitter only. We know quite a few people who used our prayer initiative in their small groups.

Even though we don’t know exactly how many people prayed, we do know that prayers came from 162 countries around the world. Almost the entire world joined in prayer – talk about unity in prayer! God heard all our prayers and is doing mighty things for His Glory in those countries.

Thank you all, dear prayer warriors, for partnering with us during this journey through Europe and Russia. Let us share with you some of the exciting things God is doing as a result of our united prayers:

  • Belgium – “Yesterday evening we had our first evening to speak about a personal relationship with God through Jesus. 30 people attended the evening. Most of them were speechless because it was so new for them. They liked it very much. One man said he was really upside down. He needed time to think it all over. His heart was touched by the Lord.” This retired couple is also sharing Biblical faith each week on a Catholic radio broadcast in Brussels.
  • Hungary – “Yesterday, I had the chance to speak in some Hungarian high school English classes. I accompanied a few of the members of our Budapest student ministry.” The speaker is a missionary living in Budapest. Several English teachers turned their class periods over and the group was able to make good connections with students which led to invitations to ministry events off campus.
  • Italy – After years of ministry led by expatriate leaders, God has raised up an exceptional Italian couple to lead a large ministry in the country. They come highly recommended, exhibiting boldness for Christ and courageous decision-making skills.
  • France – 32 mothers and daughters attended a very special event in the south of France: a seminar presenting sexual purity from a Biblical perspective. Very positive comments have come from follow-up conversations.
  • A Miracle in Moldova – “We were shocked!” (the words of Moldovan New Life workers) “The movie is very good. I want to follow the Savior.” (Liubovi, a Transnistrian woman). The region of Transnistra in Moldova has been the most closed to the gospel. But two weeks ago the Magdalena film was shown on three days to overflow crowds. Well over 1,000 people came to the film and others had to be turned away. 80 people attended the first follow-up meeting.
  • Latvia – “Despite praying for several years, as recently as two years ago we hadn’t seen any young people come to know Jesus. Through prayer, God brought some ideas to our minds; We needed to pray that an entire group of friends would come to Jesus, rather than one individual at a time.” Since then a small group did come to the Lord and today they are discipling 40 young people.
  • Finland – A prayer movement that started in Switzerland (Christustag) and brought together representatives from all 2800 districts in the country in 2004 next made it’s way to Turku, Finland in Oct.2008 as again believers from every part of the country gathered to pray for God’s healing on their land. A continuation of this will take place on May 1. The main item for prayer will be to see the Great Commission fulfilled in this generation. The event is called Christ Day and will take place in a Hockey arena. The organizers are praying for Christian leaders across Europe to join them that day to unite for spiritual renewal, awakening and transformation across Europe.
  • Spain – “We are so grateful because our great project XACOBEO’10 is functioning extremely well.” This summer, as Spain celebrates this huge cultural event, believers are coming together to meet the thousands of tourists and pilgrims who will be walking along the Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James) and possibly staying at Ligonde (a Christian house/way station). “We have almost all the volunteers needed for the project of 22 weeks. They are absolutely needed because without them we couldn’t do the project. This will be a great opportunity because all of our staff will spend a week and may involve many of their disciples. We are also grateful for the funds that God has raised for this project.”

Please continue to pray for the peoples of Europe.  This has to continue.  Thank you.

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