Political Incorrectness

Black Man's ChocolateWhen you travel around the world there are times you’re going to see things that are politically incorrect from where you come from but not for the location you are in.  Like in some places, it perfectly fine to ask someone how much they weigh (or even guess for that matter) but you wouldn’t ask them their first name as you have to wait for that information because its personal.  You’ll also sometimes see things you wouldn’t think you’d see like in a record store the label “Black Music” (not a translation – it was in English) for the Hip-Hop/Rap music or like, in the picture to the right, that when literally translated is “Black Man’s Chocolate” as it’s a dark chocolate.  Political Incorrectness is something that is regional – not necessarily international so it’s always good to try to understand the local culture as asking for someone’s first name could be like calling someone a bad name.

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