Pray For Poland

[This is an email from our GEM president asking for prayers for Poland during this time – please join us]

On Saturday April 10, 2010, the people of Poland awoke to the devastating news that the presidential jet had crashed. The President of Poland, Lech Kaczyński, was killed, along with his wife Maria. In addition, the crash claimed the lives of senior government figures, senators and representatives of Poland’s parliament, senior members of Poland’s military, and various religious leaders. The loss to Poland’s government and culture is incalculable.

The plane was on the way to a commemoration service for those killed in the forests of Katyń in early 1940. At that time, members of the Soviet Security Service murdered over 20,000 of Poland’s military leadership and intelligentsia. That event has long been a contentious issue in Polish-Russian relations. This present tragedy is now forever linked with the tragedy of 1940.

Greater Europe Mission asks you to join us as we pray and extend our hearts to the people of Poland in their time of grief and loss.

  • Pray that Prime Minister Donald Tusk and acting President Bronisław Komorowski would rely on God’s wisdom in reconstructing the government.
  • Ask God to fill the governmental positions with qualified and competent people who desire to do His will.
  • Ask God to draw the Polish people to Himself through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Pray that this event would not aggravate the already fragile Polish-Russian relationship.

Thank you for joining with us in prayer for Poland – a vital and influential country in Europe. We share with you the confidence that God desires the best for Poland and its healing as a nation. Psalm 91.

Best Regards,

Henry Deneen
Greater Europe Mission

The picture is of Henry Deneen with the Polish flag flying at half mast at Greater Europe Mission’s Monument, CO office.

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