PrayEurope 40-40-40 — Slovenia — Slovakia

SloveniaSlovenia was another piece of what was once Yugoslavia but is now a major European vacation spot.  About the size of New Jersey, only about 1,000 of the 2 million residents would say that they know Jesus Christ.

Dear Father,

We pray for the hearts of those in Slovenia that they would be open to know more about You.  Please be with those that do know You that they would share how You have affected their lives with their friends and neighbors.  Lord, we ask that You strengthen Your church in this country and build up leaders that will honor You in all that they do.  Amen.

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SlovakiaCzechoslovakia is no more.  Now there is the Czech Republic and Slovakia.  Today we pray for Slovakia where only about 0.02% of the population would say they are followers of Jesus.

Dear Lord,

We pray for the people of Slovakia where there has been so many changes going on.  We pray that they have strength to endure the changes and that they will move in positive directions for their sakes.  We pray for the many ministries that are able to reach out to younger people through English camps and even invitations to work directly in the high schools.  Please give the proper words to say to this younger generation who is searching for their purpose in life.  Let them see that purpose in living for You.  Open their hearts and ears and speak to them through those that You have already impacted there in Slovakia.  Amen.

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