PrayEurope 40-40-40 — Lithuania — Luxemburg — Macedonia

Been traveling but now home – now to catch you up on my prayers over the last few days.

LithuaniaLithuania was once the largest state in Europe (back in the 1400s) and was the first state to declare its independence in the fall of the Soviet Union.  Just north of Belarus, this country is rich with pride.

Dear Father,

We pray for Lithuania and it’s people.  We pray that the Lithuanian people will hear You calling to them and will come to understand the love that You have for them.  May those that do know You be bold in sharing how You have changed their lives and how others can know You.  We pray that there would be a strong church leadership that knows You and loves You and that they would be positively influencing Lithuania for You.  Amen.

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LuxemburgLuxemburg is snuggled in between Germany, France and Belgium.  A wealthy country where most of its nearly half a million population feel they are self-sufficient both materially and spiritually.

Dear Creator of Everything,

I ask that You work in the hearts of those living in Luxembourg that they would understand that their spiritual state-of-being is dependent on what You have done and not on what they have done.  I pray that their spiritual eyes would be opened to all that You have done and provided for them.  Lord, allow Your love to be the unifying force within this country and allow the influence that Luxemburg has to be used for Your glory.  Amen.

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MacedoniaYou may have heard of Macedonia.  It is mentioned in the Bible several times.  It’s a small country on the north side of Greece.

Dear Lord,

We ask that You be in Macedonia today and work in the hearts of those that are spiritually seeking.  We ask that You give strength to those that know You to share the impact You have had on their lives.  Lord, we ask that You stir in the hearts of the Muslims that live in this country that they may hear through words or dreams about the True You.  Amen.

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