Being a missionary warps the brain

50 EurosKrista and I like to have date lunches as we don’t have readily available child watchers here being so far from family so we use the school as a babysitter.  After all my trips recently we decided to have a big date and go to Subway.  Might not sound like much to those of you that live in the US but this is one of the treats we like to have.  The closest Subway is about 20 minutes away in a town called Loerrach where we park in a parking deck and then walk through a pedestrian area filled with shops to go to the restaurant.  Our time at Subway was wonderful as we ate our subs and talked about life.  I love these times.  Anyways, we decided to get going back to our car and as we were walking along I looked down to see what I thought was a piece of paper.  Several people in front of us walked past it and one even almost stepped on it.  As we got closer I realized that it wasn’t a piece of paper but was 50 Euros.  I was in shock.  I picked it up and showed it to Krista who couldn’t believe it.  We stood there looking around waiting to see the hidden camera and find out that this was some kind of joke but we didn’t see anything.  I was literally holding it up at head level showing it in different directions to see if anyone would pop out saying they were looking for it.  We didn’t know what to do.  We weren’t in a store where we could turn it in but instead were out in the middle of the walk way.  We waited there looking around for anyone that looked to be searching for something.   Nobody around was looking for anything other than how to get out of the rain.

So the thought came through our heads – “God must have wanted us to have 50 Euros!”

Then we both thought – “Great but what’s going to happen to us that we are going to NEED 50 Euros!” I’ve been paranoid ever since putting it in my pocket.

Yep, warped.

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