Update on Sudan in Last Post

I’m still working on putting up our pictures (coming real soon) but I just wanted to share with you an update about the incident that happened in Sudan right before we left Kenya.  This is an excerpt from an email from my father-in-law:

“What is keeping us occupied now is three families – two from Ethiopia and one from Nigeria who serve with SIM in Sudan.  They were evacuated to Nairobi on Friday.   Their station in Sudan (Atar),  was attacked at 4:00 am on Dec. 30th.  Shilluk Sudanese from a nearby tribe came secretly in the night and lit the house of the Nigerian on fire – shooters standing outside to shoot the family as they tried to escape.  Their grass dwelling had a plastic cover under the grass to keep the bugs and rain out.  When that caught fire, it rained drops of hot melting plastic on them as they rushed to flee.  The husband was badly burned.  Drops of melted plastic also go the mother and one of the children.  The bad guys went on to the homes of the two Ethiopian teachers and their families.  Again they piled dry grass outside the house and lit fire.  Then they shot bullets into the house. Amazingly none if the bullets found their mark and everyone escaped.  The Nigerian ran for the Nile river and dived into the water to put out the burning plastic on his back – he is quite seriously burned but it does not seem life threatening.  Anyway, all three families lost everything down to their clothes, cell phones, cameras, pots and pans – suits, everything they owned.  They came out in blankets, someone lent one of them a pair of flip-flops for shoes – one came out without even a shirt.

So we are trying to care for them at the moment.  The Sudan team is doing everything they can to provide immediate and long term care.  There will be some serious trama care here.  We had the Nigerian (XXXXXX XXXXXX) for dinner last night and had to help him to his room.  On the way down he told me he cannot sleep – and has terrible dreams when he does.

These people need our prayers.

And by the way for those connected with SIM – you can made a contribution to their restoration by sending any gift to our SIM office and mark it Sudan Relief and Contingency Project # KE 82490.”

Please keep these people in your prayers as it will take a long time for their recovery and the ministry that they have so worked so hard on for the past 4 1/2 years is now burned down.  Pray for those that did this that they will understand a peace in life that only comes from knowing Christ personally.

If you are interested in financially helping these families and the ministry there, you can find the information about how to donate at SIM’s Website – http://sim.org/index.php/content/donate.

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