3 Years

3 Years. That’s how long we’ve been living in Germany now.  It’s a very surreal kind of thing to think about.  While we feel like we’re still newbies living here, living in the US seems so distant and kind of long ago. Even Alex, who has the memory of an elephant, is forgetting things about life in the US.  We are truly beginning to call and think about Germany as our home.

While in Kenya, I was wearing a “North Carolina” t-shirt,  that a short-term mission team had brought me, and a family walked by and yelled, “North Carolina!  We’re from North Carolina too!”  Weirdly, I answered in German out of habit and they gave some really strange looks as they continued on past me.  The German man who I was talking with at the time (which is why I probably responded in German) just laughed and asked me, “When was the last time you were there?” (referring to North Carolina).  It’s been a year and a half – the only time we’ve been stateside in the last 3 years.

Things have really changed in so many ways.  We know that the town we used to live in is very different with new shopping centers, restaurants and stuff since we left.  Our home church has doubled or more in size since we left. Alex’s friends are 3 years older (which is a huge difference at their ages).  Our friend’s kids are 3 years older.  People have changed jobs, graduated from schools, gotten married, moved away, etc.  Friends have new friends who we don’t know.  People have changed.  We have changed.  Alex is 3 years older (now 9 years old).  He’s reading and has an awesome sense of humor.  Krista and I have grown in our relationship, in our spiritual lives, and in our perspectives of how to look at this world we live in.

Even my computer skills have expanded greatly with the different challenges before us.  Even technology is in a very different place than 3 years ago.  One shocker for me is to see my mom sending me emails and to hear that she has a Kindle (electronic book reader) now.  As technology expands and changes, people are trying to keep up.  Churches and ministries are trying to keep up with the people and that’s where we come in.  We keep up with the technology so that we can help churches and ministries keep up with the people they are trying to serve and reach. It’s all about using technology to connect people to people for the sake of making God known.

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