Pictures of our Trip in Kenya

VeryCloseRhinoOk, let me tell you about the guy in the picture to the right.  This picture was not taken with a zoom lens. He literally was that close.  As we drove up to him he didn’t pay any attention to us and we were admiring how long his horn is.  Then I realized that that horn was long enough to go through the door of the car we were in and at that point, he turned his head (that’s when I got the picture) and moved his back feet.  That’s when my father-in-law (thinking the same thing about the horn as I was) said “Time to go!”

Kenya was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that I’m so glad I got to do and take Alex with me.  The people there are great and the scenery is spectacular.  The pictures I’ve uploaded are my favorites from my personal collection.  When I get a few moments to go through my brother-in-law’s and father-in-law’s pictures, I may upload some of those as well.

Check out the photos of Kenya in my two photo sets in the Photo Album!

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