Unique Petting Zoo & Realities of Life

PettingChetahI love traveling in countries where people aren’t always worried about being sued.  With a little common sense, you get to do some unique things relatively safely.  Today we relaxed most of the day (I’m really into a book right now – I know, you didn’t know I could read) but then before sundown we went to the Nairobi Wilderness Walk where we got to experience a miniature safari.  As we were standing there looking that the cheetah, one of the workers there said, “Do you want to pet him?”  Of course we said “Yes!”  So to the right is a picture of us inside the fences petting the cheetah who just purred like a cat.

Continuing our walk through this place we got to see “white” zebras, pygmy hippos, rhinos, crocodiles, ostriches, hyenas, and many other animals.  This was our “appetizer” for tomorrow when we’re going on a real safari with the guys and the older kids. I’m going to make sure my camera memory sticks are empty as I’m going to fill them up.

On a sadder note, we received word today that the lady who cleans the guest house that we are staying in lost her son last night.  Her teenage son was having some medical issues (like diaherrea, cramping, stomach pains, etc) and she took him to the hospital.  When she couldn’t show that she had money to pay for the hospital, she was turned away.  This happened several times until he died in the car on the way to another medical clinic.  Once he had died, she was even turned away from the hosptials morgue as she didn’t have any money to pay for that.  This is the reality that people face in many parts of the 2nd & 3rd world.  We’ll never know what the boy died of but most likely, it was extremely treatable. Pray with us that this single monther of two (now one) will have a peace that can only come from God.

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