Returning Home

Today has been a day of doing all those last minute “want to dos”. Krista got a pedicure, I fixed my in-laws wireless router and Alex played with his cousins. Its been a wonderful last day except for one major exception. My mother-in-law got a phone call this morning which forced her to be gone much of the day. She is part of the administration team for those in Sudan for their mission and this morning, people attacked their missionaries there burning the church, the school, and their homes. Some of the children and one of the parents suffered burns and others had some minor injuries. My mother-in-law worked on arrangements to get them flown out and all the missionaries from that team will arrive in Kenya tomorrow. They’ll be staying in the places we are vacating so we’re getting them all ready to go for them. (In an earlier post, I told you that the son of the lady who cleans these places died so we’re trying to help in what way we can). Would you take a few moments to pray for those injured, for those that lost everything they owned in these fires, and especially for those that started the fires that they would come to know the one true God? Thanks.

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