Being Watched

We’ve had an exciting day. Were there presents? some – each kid got one. Did we get to see some unique things like a Kenyan Santa Claus do magic trick and some African aerobatics? They were amazing.

However I see something very unique about this Christmas. We are currently at a resort in Mombasa, Kenya that was created as an income generator for the Presbyterian church in Kenya. Mombasa is also a predominently Muslim community. We’re also the only white family at this resort. So today the resort has been playing a lot Christmas music and had special activities for the holiday but a considerable number of the guests are Muslims just here for their vacation. As we celebrate the anniversary of the arrival of our Savior, we are being watched. As they see us playing in the pool and interacting with others around us, we are being watched. As we walk the beaches saying “No” to all the peddlers, we are being watched. They are watching to see what is different about us other than the color of our skin. My prayer is that we are being good representatives in how we’ve acted today and that they do see a positive difference in how we’ve been. May we be a positive influence every day.

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