My Perception, God’s Reality

dorkI started this post as a draft back in October 2006.  This is something that replays for me over and over again.  It’s the reality that I’m in a silo many times and am unable to see the world as it really is – that is from the perspective that God has.  I make many decisions based on the perceptions that I have.  For example,  I wear certain clothes because I think they look good on me (well, at least decent enough to wear in public) but then I’m given a reality check when my wife says “You’re really going to wear that?!?  Outside?!?”  That’s usually when I know my perception about clothing is wrong.

Here’s some of my perspectives with the contrasting of  God’s reality:

  • I sometimes feel alone and isolated BUT the reality is that God is always with me and He has given me a great family, friends and co-workers.  I’m not always physically by them (well, except God) but they are there with me – praying for me, thinking about me.  If you’re reading this, then you’re “being with me” right now.
  • I’m the only one who can do the work I do BUT the reality is that God could raise up anyone to do what it is He has me doing – but He wants me to do it.  For some reason that is beyond me, He has called me to do what it is I do.  I am blessed, not burdened.
  • I’m tired and overwhelmed by what God has called me to do and don’t see how God expects me to do it all BUT the reality is that He hasn’t called me to do it in my own strength but by His strength.  This is the reason I have a sign in my office that says “It’s the Holy Spirit working – not YOU!!” which I try to read to remind myself every day.
  • Sometimes I feel wronged by someone wondering how God could allow that person to do that to me BUT the reality is that that person is also loved by God (whether they’re a Christian or not) and that God may be looking to me to show some of the grace that He has shown me plenty of towards that person trusting Him that any wrong doings will be taken care of as God is the God of justice but that He will do it in His way and in His timing.
  • I look to the future and can’t see a way for things to work out well BUT the reality is God sees (and is IN) the future and is taking care of it for me.  I’m just suppose to obediently trust and follow Him into that future.  Trust is the key factor there.

So sitting here today – here’s my perspective:  This is the longest I’ve ever gone without seeing my parents & sister and know that it will be a while before I will see them again face to face.  With the economy & spiritual situation here in Europe (and beyond), requests for help have multiplied considerably causing me to feel overwhelmed by the lists of “todos” that surround me and moving so fast is sometimes causing friction with the other people I work with.  I’m looking at our bank account and will have to make some serious decisions about the future.  Decisions that I don’t want to deal with.  This is my perspective BUT the reality is I’m in God’s hands and as I listen to Joan Osbourne’s “One of Us”, I’m reminded that “God is great, God is good.”

[Note:  If you are wondering how do you find out what is God’s perspective? – talk to God, read the Bible and be a part of a community of believers.  Over time, you’ll begin to see it too]

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