Need your Help – Communications Survey

Remember the fax machine (we actually still have one in the office)?  Remember telegrams (don’t admit it or if you do, say you saw it in a movie once)? Krista and I have been looking at how we communicate with the people who are interested in our ministry and our lives.  There are two major parts to good communication – the content and the method.

We want to make sure we are communicating what it is you want to know.  If we’re telling you about the technical details of an eDOT project and you want to know how Alex is doing – we’re not doing a good job of communicating.

On the other hand, if we are telling you about what it is you want to know but are using a communication method that you don’t use or use infrequently (like sending everyone faxes or telegrams), then you won’t receive the information and that’s not good communication either.

So would you help us out?  Take just a few minutes and fill out our Communication Survey .  It only take about 5-7 minutes (or if you want to, you can take longer) but knowing this information will really help us in making sure we are as effective in communicating as we can be.  Your info is greatly appreciated!!

Go to the Communication Survey here!

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