Tech Team at AC2009

One of the projects I work on every year is organizing and running a tech team at our mission’s annual conference.  While it’s not a part of my "job description", the opportunity to help the missionaries in our organization with their computer troubles and training needs is one that just can’t be passed up.  Our annual conference, where a majority of our missionaries come together for vision casting and many other things, is the perfect time to help them.

For the past two years, we’ve had a team come from Oregon (all related in one way or another to Corban College’s Computer Science program) to work on the missionaries computers literally putting in hundreds of manhours fixing, repairing, and cleaning up missionary laptops.  Additionally, we had a lady who is a computer trainer come in and help train missionaries on various topics of using excel better to mail merges to Outlook to Google Docs to Powerpoint to backing up th computer.

Below is a video of a missionary who gives a very compelling reason for doing these teams and a reason why we’ll continue to do them. (you may need to turn up the volumn to hear him)

(if you’d like to see about the tech team’s experience, check out their blog at )

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