Scooter Craziness – Part 2

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been driving around town on a friend’s scooter.  It’s been really nice.  Well, on Sunday I went to church and passed another friend of mine named Thad.  As I pulled into church, the parking area was full of motorcycles.  I mean really nice motorcycles – BMW’s and other nice bikes.  Now I had to figure out where to park as every place was taken.  Eventually, I figured I’d park in the motorcycle line up and worked on backing myself in which was not easy.  Thad observed and stated that he had seen air-craft carriers parallel park faster and easier than me parking the scooter.  I guess it was a funny site.

Well, it turned out that a biker group was joining us for Sunday worship and here I had put my little scooter in their line up.  Part of my worship time was praying that I had parked my scooter right and that it wouldn’t fall over doing that comical “knocking all the other bikes over” thing.  Anyway, after worship I waited as by now some more bikers had shown up and my scooter was in the middle of it all.  Now the bikers were having a good time talking and so there was no outlasting them.  Finally, I made my way out and got on the scooter.  I tried to sneak out but the little “putt-putt” of the scooter gave me away.  I do think I heard some snickering going on as I drove away.

I hoped that was the end of it but God has a sense of humor.  So I went to fill up my scooter with gas – this was my first time filling it up and I wasn’t sure what I was doing.  The gas station is usually really dead on Sundays so when I pulled in, nobody was there.  I was so relieved as I could try and figure out where to fill up and all without any pressures.  Not true!  As soon as I pulled in, all the bikers showed up as they were filling up before going on their Sunday afternoon ride and yet again, I was the little scooter in the middle of all the bikes.  It took me a little bit to figure everything out but as soon as I could, I filled up and got out of there.

I think God might be working on a pride thing with me.

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