Heat vs. Cold/Good vs. Evil

We recently went through a time where we didn’t get above freezing for over a week and our apartment uses radiators so at night it can get a bit cold.  But that’s the way Krista and I like it.  We love to snuggle under warm covers.  However the other night, the covers weren’t good enough so Krista put an extra blanket over me (I married a good one!).  In the morning, Krista made the comment that that extra blanket really puts out the heat.  That’s when the physics brain in me kicked off and I immediate explained to her that the blanket doesn’t actually generate heat but it retains heat and that this blanket did that particularly well.  At that moment, a cold wind blew in from her direction.

But this got me thinking about how the term “cold” is a relative term.  How 32 degrees F (0 C) is “cold” compared to our body temperature of 98.6  F (37 C) but 32 degrees F (0 C) is much “warmer” than the -90 F (-67.8 C) that was the recorded low in Siberia.  “Heat” however is an absolute term.  There’s just heat and then there’s less heat or there’s more heat.  Then there’s the term of “absolute zero” which is the removal of all heat and now that’s COLD as nothing can be relatively colder!

Now from there that got me to thinking about the terms “Good” and “Evil”.  I think sometimes that people think that “good” is a relative term.  You know, the whole comparison thing of “I’m better than that person”.  However the clincher is that at the same time they think that “evil” is an absolute term.  Therefore they live their lives trying to remove evil so that they reveal the good.  Then to obtain absolute good, one must remove all evil just as to have “absolute zero”, you remove all heat.  To me, this is what causes people to focus on evil and how we are to remove it from our lives just to obtain “good”.  This is just exhausting.  Scientists spend a lot of time and energy to get close to absolute zero but never quite make it.  It’s just not currently within our abilities as human beings to do this.  In the same way, if we look at Evil being absolute then isn’t that just down right tiring even thinking about trying to remove ALL evil from our lives.  I know I can’t do it.  Can you?

However I believe that we’ve got this reversed.  I believe “Good” is the absolute term and “Evil” is the relative term and instead of trying to remove all of the absolute (Good), we’re trying to get as much of it as we can.  As more and more Good is put into us, Evil (being relative) is dissipated and ignored in our lives.  The awesome thing to think about is just as when you add heat to something – say water, at different stages of adding more heat, the water is transformed (in this case to steam).  We too are transformed as Good is added more and more into our lives.  We become different, we are transformed.  Just as steam and water are made of the same molecules (H2O), there’s something radically different in how they look, work, act and fundamentally in their construct.  A bucket will no longer hold the steam as it once did the water.  As we apply more and more Good in our lives, we will still be the same essence that God made us but our construct is different so that we operate differently.  Therefore we are freed from the constraints that once held us and are now living in different principles that govern our lives.

How does one go about adding Good into your life?  Just as the water can’t light the fire that burns beneath it that causes it to boil, we too are not capable of injecting ourselves with syringes of Good.  We need something on the outside of ourselves.  My belief is that only God can do that.  God who is Good, i.e. God = Good, provided the way to infuse Himself into our lives.  He doesn’t force us to accept it, but He does give us the choice.  By accepting Jesus Christ as the one responsible for bridging the gap between God and us, then God is there with us and able to inject His Holy Spirit into our lives therefore causing this transformation in us as His Goodness builds up in us.

The really cool thing is that our souls are designed to have unlimited capacity for Good.  This means we can never get enough of God (=Good).

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