Moving into the barn, um, I mean the EMC

My desk
My Desk as we first move in

Well, since we first moved here two years ago we have had a project of renovating a 100 year old 3-story barn into offices and apartments.  Things have been moving quickly here lately and just the other day, we started to move into it.  eDOT (and myself) finally have a home.  I am so excited.   Above is my desk (well, kind of) behind a pile of carpet tiles that still have to be laid in another part of the building.  Some of the other ministries have started to move in as well.  We also have three of the four apartments being lived in.

We still have a lot more to do – common areas, bathrooms, half of EuroTeam, all of GEMStone Media are left to be finished.  We also have done nothing with the outside as our parking lot is full of mud and construction debris and we still have the fourth apartment to completely do so it looks like we’ll be at our desks for half the day and doing construction the other half still but at least they’re at the same place.

Check out more pictures of our new eDOT offices in the Photo Album.  To view some pictures of the barn project as a whole, go to our sister ministry’s website –

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