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Ok, The Roes Garden has been silent for a couple of reasons this week. One, I took some vacation time. It was (and still is as I’m off until Tuesday) great as I practiced some Photoshop skills and worked on some different web development stuff that I haven’t worked with in a while. Yes, I’m a true geek in that this is what I like to do on vacation. Now you may be asking yourself, “but isn’t that what you do all the time” but the reality is that I am rarely doing web work any more (especially now that we have a part time web developer out of language school and we have several volunteers who do web work). Most of my time is working on more infrastructure type work these days.

The second reason its been silent is that I’ve been reworking and upgrading The Roes Garden. I’ve changed themes and upgraded my WordPress install to the latest stable version. I do have to say that I really like where WordPress is going and what is coming out for WordPress is really making it a nice Content Management System (CMS).

Please stop by and check out the updated site. I’m not quite done with it yet and will continue to make improvements over the next couple of weeks. Please check it out and let me know what you think of it.

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  1. I need to update – maybe you could let me know of any potential pitfalls. Great new theme! Don’t have too much fun or else it’s going to be too hard to come back 🙂

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