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Here’s our translator Roman (and a system administrator for a Bible school here in Ukraine) working on getting our powerpoint into Russian. Luckily I don’t have a big part in actually presenting. I’m more there for the question time.
OK, let me tell you some about our time here. We left Germany by train early the other morning. We made our connections just fine and made our flights from Zurich to Budapest to Odessa just right too. Now once we arrived in Odessa, it was a situation of “I thought this other person was handling that.” So we waited a total of three hours (which in the grand scheme of things is a short period of time) in the airport. During that time Gordon got some great reading done and I was able to get our Ukrainian phone card working and call our contacts to see what was going on. We were then picked up and told that they really didn’t know where we were staying that evening as every one else was staying in tents out on the beach. We ended up staying with this nice old couple who knew only one word in English – husband. We got to sleep on these futon things in the hallway and dining room. The next morning we were awoken to them leaving food for us for breakfast as they went off to work. We ate an d then waited and waited. No one knew when we were to be picked or by whom we were to be picked up by. Shortly before 1 PM our contact called and told us we should be picked up shortly. I think it was shortly after 2 PM that we got picked up. Now in Ukraine, we don’t normally wear seatbelts mainly because you can’t find them. But in this case they were there but useless as the seats weren’t even bolted to the floor. This was a fun ride especially as I got to ride sideways in the back. We arrived at the camp just in time to meet up with eDOT’er Andrew and our translator, Roman. We then promptly left the camp to pick up fellow GEM’ers Kelly & Nathan who work with the GEM youth team. Finally after some dinner, we made it to the camp and got to go to the opening night ceremony.
Now if it seems like all I’ve talked about is the bad things (did I mention our toilet leaks?), then let me fill in the blanks: on our trip from the airport to the old couples’ home, our driver also picked up a man and his young son. After talking with him, we find out he is one of the organizers of the event and heads up a lot of the stuff happening in Russia. Gordon has been working on a course to help disciple people after they decide to become a Christian and it’s just been translated into Russian. Who better to do a review of the course than this man so we left a copy with him. God ordained? We think so.
Last night at the opening ceremonies, the rows of chairs where we sat only had three chairs per row. Since there were five of us (Nathan stayed back to watch our stuff – well, he actually just slept) there was an open seat. A young woman sat in it and she speaks multiple languages including English, German & Slovak (Kelly lives in Slovakia). As we talked, her church in Kiev is starting an International outreach and invited many of the Baptist churches in Slovakia to a conference in September but were afraid no one was going to come. Kelly, who is a part of a Baptist church, had not heard of the conference and is going to see that the conference gets known in Slovakia. God ordained? We think so.
We’re looking forward to more of the contacts and interactions that we will have over this week. Pray with us as we look for more of these God ordained moments. Pray that we will be bold as most of the people here do not speak the same languages as we do but you never know who might, so we must be bold.

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