End of our time in Odessa


As we come to the end of our time here, we took some time to run around Odessa. We had a good time but spent a lot of time crammed into Marshukas (small buses). We had to run to the train station to make some arrangements for some of our team and got to see that area of town. Then we made our way over to the beach area and enjoyed watching a jet ski pull people on an inner tube. Then we made our way back to camp.
When we got back we did hear some good news about the conference – last night we had a famous Russian evangelist speak and many were invited from the community. We found out that over 150 people made a decision to follow Christ and over 50 people made a decision to become missionaries. Isn’t it awesome!!!
Well, we are still looking at the different ways for why God has had us here and look forward to see how the contacts we have made develop in the future. Take care and thanks for the prayers.

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  1. courtney – hey – thanks for the great updates – what a great event to be part of -i think of the line from the worship song ‘my glorious’ – “The world’s shaking with the love of God!”

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