The Cable Guys

Cable Guys & Keg

Yesterday, I got up at 3:45 AM (well, “got up” is a relative term) to take our latest team that came to the barn back to the airport. These guys are professional cable pullers and they spent the last week getting the cable pulled throughout our offices. This cable will be used to run our network and phone systems.

This was a challenging job as there was a lot lost in translation. The electrician, who laid all the conduit out and supplied the cable, had one idea of how it was suppose to go, I had another and then these guys tried their best to get the electrician’s plans to be as close as possible to mine. What they did this week would have taken me several weeks and I would have wasted a lot of material too. It’s really cool as their business, InfoSystems, sent them over as if it was a business trip – paying their expenses and not requiring them to take any vacation time for them to come help us out. It’s a true blessing in what they were able to accomplish for us and in just getting to know these guys over the past week.

If you want to catch up on the progress of the Barn (our new offices in Kandern), check out the Euro-Team site about the barn.

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