Starting to think about heading “Home”

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We have been the United States now for over 6 weeks and our times is coming close to an end. Honestly, I can’t say I know where the time has gone except I do know that I haven’t really had the time to think about it. Here are some reflections that I have about the past few weeks:

  • We have an awesome sending church – Lake Forest Church. While we only got to be there for a few Sundays, it was awesome to worship there again and to see so many of our friends there was truly awesome.
  • We have a second church home in the US now at Fellowship of Christ in Cary, NC. Our time there was very good as we felt like this was a body of believers that really cared about us. They were just really friendly with us.
  • We have a lot of friends whom I could go on and on talking with. We had so many get togethers with people where we could have talked all night had it not been for a very exhausted 7 year old (not to mention his parents were exhausted). We so enjoyed meeting with so many different people during these weeks.
  • Compared to German drivers, US drivers need to go back to driving school! Let me just say – PUT THE CELL PHONE DOWN AND DRIVE IN THE RIGHT LANE!. Enough said.
  • I am very grateful that I have a sister who traveled about as much as we did so that we could have plenty of catching up time during this summer. Thanks Sis.
  • The US is a beautiful country – check out my pictures of Washington DC here. I’ve got pictures of Boise, ID coming.

So what’s coming next – well, right now I’m in Boise, ID meeting with a partner we have, MAF – Mission Aviation Fellowship. Once I return from there, Krista and I will be traveling to some churches in Parkersburg, WV. After that, we’ve got some more meetings with supporters (and potential supporters) but most of it is getting ready to return to Germany. We’ll have a lot of laughs and a lot of tears as we say “Good-bye” once again to family and friends. (We have to say “good-bye” a lot).

What can you be praying for:

  • We still have a lot more support to raise. While we have talked with quite a few people, they haven’t made decisions as to whether or not they will support us.
  • August is a busy month. Krista and Alex will be getting our apartment back together from us being gone and preparing for Alex’s return to school – He’s a second grader now. Meanwhile, I’ll be traveling to Hungary, Austria, and Ukraine. I’ll also be managing a team that is pulling all of our network cabling in our new offices.
  • We will have adjustments to make as we go back to Germany. Every time you go from one culture to another (no matter how long you’ve been in one culture or the other) you have to make adjustments.

Thanks so much for your prayers and support. I’ll try to increase my blogging from here on out.

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