It’s was Kyle’s fault(s)

The Band in Prison

Whenever you’re on a short-term mission trip, things are going to go wrong. In an effort to be more efficient, we decided that instead of spending a lot of time figuring out who’s fault it is – a person will be assigned to be the fall guy for each day. To make things even easier, we took a vote and decided that Kyle was to be assigned for every day. So, just as with every day, everything that goes wrong today is Kyle’s fault.

Well, yesterday was our first concert in a maximum-security men’s prison. The prison was about two hours outside of Warsaw on a normal day. But yesterday was the day before a 5-day weekend, which means there was a lot of traffic. So we were late getting to the prison (Kyle’s fault) and had to rush to get everything set up. We were hauling the equipment up three flights of stairs (Kyle’s fault) past guards who made you wonder what they were thinking – personally, I think they were thinking “Fresh meat” but that’s debatable.

Now you musicians out there know that some of the best equipment is made in the good ole USA. Well, the Poles know that too so half of our equipment we are using comes from the US (including the soundboard) and the rest is European. European equipment is rated for the 230V power supply we get out of the walls here in Poland but with the US equipment, we have to use transformers (that’s another blog altogether). Now everyone’s in such a hurry to get things setup that this whole concept of certain equipment getting plugged into the proper place is lost and yep, you guessed it, Kyle plugs the soundboard into the 230V supply. Let’s just say the lights were pretty for the second that they were on and then quickly gone. Yep, the board was blown (Kyle’s fault – literally this time). Luckily the board had a fuse so Martin (pronounced Mart-scheen) stripped a piece of wire and jammed a piece of copper into the slot where the fuse had been.

Now I’m not a musician but I thought they actual concert went really well. (Good job, Kyle). Now the prisoners on the first two rows did keep giving the guys some “special” looks, which could have meant – “Wow, these guys can really play!” or could mean something else. So we chalk up another “Kyle’s fault” for the ways the guys felt over those looks because I think his excitement and giggle laugh caused those looks.

After the concert, we got to have tea and coffee with the vice-warden of the prison, which was a cool time. On our way back to Warsaw, we kept trying to find a place to eat but due to the amount of people and the fact that we were hauling a trailer with all of our equipment, we couldn’t find a safe place to park it. So we had to skip lunch (Kyle’s fault). Also, due to traffic, we couldn’t get back to the hotel before dinner so ended up having to stop and IKEA for a snack (yes, in Europe, IKEA has a cafeteria – a good one at that) Then we headed off to a nice restaurant where we were going to celebrate Martin’s birthday with his family.

Well, the story would end there except that last night, I spent most of it either on or kneeling at the porcelain bowl. (Again, Kyle’s fault). It’s taken me 6 hours to write this blog and I’ve missed being with the team today. The worst part is that Kyle came back to the hotel after the concert this morning feeling a little ill himself (although, I think he’s just exhausted).

So over all, Kyle has been blamed for a lot but he should be congratulated for a lot too. He is leading blues concerts that are making an impact here in Poland for the kingdom of God.

Please pray for the following:

  • Health for the team and especially Kyle. He’s an essential element to the whole blues concert.
  • The concerts on Friday and Saturday. Both are in prisons with Friday being a women’s prison. Pray for the prisoners that will hear the Gospel and that they will respond to it.
  • All the Poles that are helping transport us, feed us, drive us around, translate, etc.


[UPDATE: Kyle was not exhausted as I suspected but rather was really sick. But he wanted to make sure the show went on and had to sing with a trash can next to his microphone stand – just in case. On the ride back to the hotel, he had the driver pull over. Kyle barely made it out of the car. An old lady walking by was crossing herself and just giving him a pitiful look.]

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