I think I’m allergic to the Sahara

Sand Storm

I’ve been having bad headaches as of late and my sinuses are causing me some trouble. Usually means that my allergies are acting up. But the problem was we couldn’t really see what was causing my allergies as the flowers are blooming around here but that doesn’t normally affect me. When the barometer changes, that affects me but the flowers, not so much.

Then the other day, Krista was taking Alex to school and looked at our car. Now it had rained the night before but our car was just covered in this dirt. I had just washed the car last week (and looks like I will be this week too). She at first thought that maybe a truck with dirt had come by and covered all the cars on the street with dirt and it stuck to the cars because they were wet from the rain the night before. Except as the day went along, we noticed all the cars in town were covered too. So I decided to research this a little bit.

What I found out was that the rain storms we have been having are storms coming up out of Africa, crossing the Mediterranean, and coming up to our part of Europe. The storms collect dust and sand coming up over Africa, draw up the water over the Med and then dump them on Europe when it hits our hill/mountains. So the dirt on our cars – it’s from Africa. Kinda weird to think about.

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