Waiting for the band in Poland

I haven’t forgotten about all my blogs that I want to write about Ukraine however I’m just so excited. I’m sitting in Warsaw, Poland waiting for the “Kyle Dillard Band” (Kyle is the worship director of our home church, Lake Forest). I just got an SMS that they are in Europe with only one more flight before they are here in Poland.

This is going to be an awesome time as we are going to be doing Blues music in places that know something about blues – Warsaw prisons. CreativeWorks, a ministry of GEM, has connections with a local church that does work in these prisons. Using the music of Blues, we’ll be able to tell and show the Gospel. It’s going to be great. Also as a bonus, I get to see some great guys from my home church that I haven’t seen for almost 1 1/2 years. Awesome!!!

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