Visiting the Triangle

Visiting the Triangle

Would you know that the above door is to the restroom? Would you know whether or not that that was a men’s restroom or a women’s restroom? We’ve been joking about all the different phrases that there are around the world about going to the bathroom without actually saying that you are going to use the toilet.

So as soon as we found out that we were to use the “Water Closet” (WC – the term used in most of Europe for restroom) marked with a triangle (circles denote a women’s restroom) – a new phrase was born – “I’m going to go visit the triangle!”. Yes, this is the type of talk you get when you have an all male team.

Now back to why we are here. Yesterday’s community concert went really well. We didn’t have a huge turn out but those that did come were really into the music and the band sounded great. A Polish man named Tommy, well we call him that anyway, joined the group as the sax player. He is excellent (even Kyle was extremely impressed and those of you that know Kyle know that’s a huge compliment) and will be joining us for many of our other concerts this week.

Today we are having a concert here in a vocational training school where they train people to work in a local auto manufacturing plant. We expect at least 250 students to be there. Then tomorrow we will start hitting the prisons.

Please continue to pray for:

  • Health. Sickness has hit one of the team members but he should be better by the end of the day. Just a stomach thing.
  • the students. That they will hear the Gospel through the music of blues.
  • the band. Keep them safe, energized and in the Spirit as they play.
  • the logistics. There’s a lot of equipment to get moved around, set up and torn down quickly over the next week.


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