Getting over Jetlag – fast

Kyle in Rehearsal

It’s Sunday morning and the guys have gotten into things fast. Yesterday was spent keeping them awake until the evening to get them over jetlag. Today, most of the group woke up at 4 AM waiting until everyone else woke. Then they hurried off to the church (we are about 1 km away) for a quick band rehearsal before services started. The guys got to supplement the church’s worship band (they didn’t have a drummer or guitarist for the day) and do a song from the concert line up (it was kick’in!!).

Tonight will be a community concert and tomorrow we’ll be doing a concert for a local vocational school. Then on Tuesday we start going to the prisons (5 prisons, 5 days, 5 concerts) including going to the oldest juvenile prison in Poland.

Please keep all of the concerts and logistics in your prayers. Pray for those that will be at the concerts and for the band as they present the Gospel through blues music.

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