Don’t know what it is but I’ll take 2

Meds Ukraine

So I’m in Ukraine and let’s just say something didn’t settle well with what I ate our first day here. The nice thing is that there are drug stores everywhere around here. All you do is go into one, tell them your symptoms and they recommend something for you. So out I walked with the bottle shown above. I have no clue as to what it is but it worked. I feel much better. This is extremely different than Germany where you almost have to have a doctor’s prescription for aspirin so it kinda weirded me out.

On another note, please continue to pray. We have had a interesting time here in Ukraine between some sickness (me and another team mate), some interesting roads (I’ll show more of that later), housing situations have been in flux and we have not had as much time as we would have liked to configure our new Mobile Outreach Center than we would have liked. As a matter of fact, the only reason I have Internet right now is because while our team is doing some street ministry in a town north of Kiev on this Ukrainian Holiday, Sasha and I are working diligently to get the computers just ready for our classes that begin tomorrow. Praise God with us that our major hurtles have been overcome and we are now just putting the final touches on the systems.

I will probably not be able to get back online until I return to Germany in just over a week so take care and I’ll update you later.

– Courtney

PS – I did get converse with a young man who is going to be attending our classes this next week. While he is a computer programmer, as he puts it – he has this deep need to hear more about God and he knows that while we are teaching computers, we will also be talking about God. He just came to know about Christ in this last year and I am hoping to talk with him more and more this week.

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