Bride with an Axe to grind – literally

Bride with an Axe to grind

Ok, she is still in her wedding dress and she already has pulled out an axe to chop off her husbands head. Well, actually, the guy behind them does this improvisational stuff to get money on the streets here in the Old Town of Warsaw and the bride and groom were off to get their photos done when he grabbed them. It was cute.

This morning’s concert went really well and the band is really getting into their groove. I have to say it has made me really homesick for my home church hearing these guys play and being around them. Its really cool to hear southern accents all the time.

Tomorrow has changed a little bit for us as soon as we finished playing this morning, a person came up to us and wants us to play at their school. So now we will be doing a “high school” (its the polish equivalent) concert in the morning and then a prison in the afternoon. We’ll be getting up early to assemble and pack all the gear. We’re all really pumped.

Today, after the concert we got to enjoy some traditional polish food and then visited a museum about the uprising of the Warsaw people against Hitler that killed many people during a two month period. It was really eye opening as to what humans can do to other humans. Then we toured the old town area. Well, its not really “old” as it was 90% destroyed during WWII but they have rebuilt it using old pictures, architecture plans, postcards, etc. Its really pretty awesome. I’ll try and post some of our pictures soon.

Please continue to pray:

  • for those that will be hearing the Gospel message. Let their hearts hear what is being said.
  • for one of our team members that is sick. We think it might be some bad food but he hasn’t been able to eat and has had very little to drink all day.
  • for the logistics. There’s a lot of equipment to be packed, moved, set-up, torn down, and repacked for every concert and we have very little time to do it.
  • for the whole team as we work side by side. May we have the attitudes of Jesus with everyone we meet.

Thanks for praying.

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